The Best Time to Visit Iceland

Eyja Fjord in Iceland

The best time to visit Iceland will depend on what you would most like to do on your vacation, because you don’t want to miss a chance to visit Iceland with all it has to offer—it’s perfect for adventure-seekers, nature-lovers, and has dramatic photo opportunities, welcoming locals, unique cuisine, as well as Reykjavik’s world-famous nightlife.

Hikers and those who want to experience the Midnight Sun will want to look for dates in June, July, and August, with longer days, less precipitation, and warmer temperatures. If what you want is to explore the countryside, keep in mind that mountain roads may be closed in the winter.

visit Iceland to see the Northern Lights

  • Northern Lights
    The prime time to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are the months of September, October, February and March, although they can appear any time between September and April.
  • Animal Watching
    Is whale watching your thing? Then May to September will be best for you. Orcas will make an appearance in February and March.
  • Unique Golfing
    Do you want to golf on snow-covered courses, using a high-visibility orange ball? Iceland in wintertime is when you want to visit.
  • Wallet Friendly
    If you are a budget traveler, but aren’t sure you want to brave the colder and darker winter months, then springtime may give you the best of the natural beauty with longer hours of daylight with its warming sunshine.
  • Special Events
    The Food and Fun Festival in Reykjavik is held in late February-early March and is a can’t-miss event for foodies; the two-week Reykjavik Arts Festival in Reykjavik brings together the best in Icelandic and international theater, dance, music, and art in late May-early June; National Day of Iceland on June 17 celebrates the country’s independence from Denmark with parades, street performances, children’s games, and music concerts; a four-day Viking Festival in Hafnarfjördur in June showcases storytelling, artisans, musicians, and Viking battle re-enactments; and in July, the Braedsland Music Festival takes place in Borgarfjördur Eystri when artists from around the world come to play in an old herring shed that seats 800 people.

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